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This is the site of Craig Willford's law practice in Whittier, California. I'm glad you stopped by. Take a look around. If you have suggestions on ways to improve it in the future, email me with your ideas. Maybe someday soon, you'll see your ideas appear on the page.

I am an attorney, practicing in the field of Probate, Estate Planning (ie Wills and Trusts and tax planning), and Conservatorship law in the city of Whittier, California. I am a Certified Specialist in Probate, Estate Planning and Trust Law by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization and have been so certified since July 24, 1992. I have been in practice since December 18, 1975. If you want to contact me, I am located at 13215 E. Penn St., Suite 305, Whittier, CA 90602-1781. I used to be in suite 411 until October 13, 2014 when we moved to a new suite: Suite 305. Please make a note of it. My phone is (562) 698-0468.

On the personal side, my hobbies include astronomy, sailing and magic. I have recently gotten "into" genealogy and have put over 2000 names into the free software provided at FamilySearch.Org (I recommend it).

Check out the links below to some interesting places and information. Please note that the link to my email provided below is for your convenience, but BEWARE: email is not private and jumps from one internet server to another, leaving a trail wherever it went. Do not consider communications with me by email as protected by the attorney/client privilege! Further, emails to me do not create an attorney/client relationship whereby I have any duties to you, not even the duty to respond to your email. An attorney/client relationship may be established only by our mutual consent, usually only after a written retainer agreement is signed. Furthermore, the information presented in the pages of this web site are for general information only and is not intended to be advice upon which you may rely as applicable to your case or otherwise.

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