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Flat Rate Attorney Fee Matters

Data as of August 19, 2011

Some attorney tasks may be offered at a flat dollar amount to achieve the result. Most common among these is doing a Will or preparing a set of estate planning instruments including a Trust. As should be expected, if your particular matter involves very special or complicated aspects, the flat fee may not apply to your circumstances, in which the hourly fee would apply. We would work to warn you about that before you get surprised.

My current flat price for doing a "Trust package" which includes relatively common trust language, the vesting of a reasonable number (probably three) of real properties into the Trustees' names (but not the Recorder's recording costs), the drafting of a reasonable number of Stock Assignments Separate from Certificate forms for the transfer of stocks into the names of the Trustees, the creation of a pair of Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, the creation of a pair of Durable Power of Attorney for Property Control, the creation of a pair of Nomination of Conservator forms, and the creation of a pair of Wills (and of course the execution and notarization of such things as necessary) is currently $1650.

My current flat price for doing a pair of Wills without the "Trust package" is in the range of half that much, as I commonly spend far greater time interviewing for them, drafting them and executing them than is even remotely compensated by a lower flat price. If you want this service, ask my staff what the price currently is.

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